Monday, June 01, 2015

The Forgeries

We saw a movie last night about Wolfgang Beltracchi.  This guy liked to forge paintings.  He was good at it.  He didn't make an exact replica of a painting.  He studied the catalogs of artists and determined where there were gaps. Then he crafted new paintings, using the artists' styles.  Beltracchi worked with his wife and 2 accomplices to pull off this little stunt.  He made millions.   He eventually did some jail time in an open prison where he could go home during the day and paint and make the documentary.  At night, he drove back to jail, chuckling all the way.  The guy had no sense of remorse.  He seemed proud to have pulled one over on the art world. My brother in law, actor Steve Martin even purchased a Beltracchi forgery.   I wish someone could slap some sense into Beltracchi.  This guy gets on my last nerve.


KC said...

I want to see this documentary, I think. Have you seen Fed Up? It's a food documentary? Dan watched it, and now we can't eat anything ever again.

LH said...

Oh gosh, we haven't read it, but now we probably will.

This Beltracchi was quite good. I also think you would like the dock ellis DOCKUMENTARY

mm said...

These flowers seem like a gratitude photo to me... beautiful.