Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Sunscreen and Pasta. Another fascinating #TwinTuesday Pairing. This pairing screams summer fun. Kind of. At any rate, it's unexpected and outdoorsy. In short, we've done well once again.  WordSavvy has a fun back story to this pairing, so definitely click the link.

 I have a question about pasta.  Do you or do you not eat whole grain pasta?  This is a goal I have.  I don't think it tastes very wonderful, to tell you the honest truth.


Anonymous said...

I don't like how whole grain pasta taste either. So I stick to the old-fashioned kind.

mm said...

I have tried on occasion. It's OK for lasagna due to all the other ingredients, but in most cases I say no to whole grain.

KC said...

I like whole grain pasta just fine, but I like it with sauces like a pesto that sticks to it,