Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Critique

KC and I are doing something kind of neat over on Facebook.  Not every week, but from time to time, we critique our #TwinTuesday photographs.  Because we love our photos so much, our critiques usually consist of high praise indeed for the amazing jobs we've done.

  While KC admired the texture of the pickle in my photograph in our most recent critique, I felt the placement of her pickle product added some tension to an otherwise rustic, yet adventurous, landscape.

I wish all critique played out this way---full of compliments and positive upbeatery.  I think I'm going to spend some time critiquing myself and others today in just this fashion.  Readers, you show up here, roll up your sleeves, and get the grueling job done with spirit and gusto. Husbandman, this is the finest cup of coffee west of the Rockies.  Self, you woke up with energy, ready to let your freak flag fly.  Writer's Wednesday, we're ready for you.


lee said...

Update: I'm working at the public library.

cb said...

My critique: Your photos are just getting better and better. They started out at the amazing level and just kept climbing up the ladder of artistry.

The excellent twin Tuesday entry reminded me that I have to buy a plane ticket to Indiana soon . . .

Have fun at the public library!


LH said...

Thanks, CB!!!! Get that ticket!!!! Lotus!!!!

LH said...

Now I'm working at Runcible Spoon. Way to get out of the house and spend time in awesome spaces.

mm said...

At first I thought you were working at (employed by) the public library. Soon, however, I realized you were working at that location. Keep writing.

LH said...

That's happened to me before MM. A pal of mine thought I had gotten an extra job at Starbucks for several weeks before we figured out how she strayed down that erroneous path.

Now I'm working on my writing project at another coffee shop. I am having some herbal tea. I like this coffee shop, but I have to look at fast food restaurants outside the window and I don't like that part.