Friday, June 19, 2015

The Mayor

We saw Rahm Emanuel yesterday, walking along the Chicago River with his daughter and wife and 2 security guards.  He didn't exactly wave at me, but I waved at him with gusto and we did make brief eye contact.

Here in Chicago, people were stoked about winning the Stanley Cup.  There was a parade yesterday and thousands of people in red jerseys.  Sadly, we didn't know about the celebration and we drove into a nightmarish amount of traffic.  We got pulled over by a police officer because we got trapped in the cross walk when we were trying to make a right turn.  Due to the Blackhawk hordes.  The police officer kept us sitting around for 30 minutes and then decided to let us go with a cheery, "Have a good day."  It was weird, but we were relieved.

Later we saw the police officer on another street.  We waved at him and he waved back and we all laughed together.  The police officer seemed genuinely happy to see us.  "Chicago's finest," Husbandman muttered through his forced grin.

So, after seeing the mayor, and the finest police officer in town, we ended our day seeing some comedians on the TrainWreck Comedy tour.  My favorite was Colin Quinn.  I got into the kind of laughing jag that one worries might end up being embarrassing during Colin Quinn's time on stage.  Amy Schumer was also very funny.  Tonight we will see and hear #1 Son playing some original jazz compositions.

In short, Chicago is a rip roaring town.


mm said...

Chicago is a great city!

Anonymous said...

Wait. Is this all true? Did it really happen? OMG!

lee said...

Yes. All TRUE!
Crazy, correct????

jdoc said...

What a day!