Monday, June 29, 2015

The Beach Boy

Jasper Johns Corpse and Mirror #2

Love and Mercy is the movie to see, if you feel like seeing Love and Mercy.  It's about Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys.  I saw the movie with Husbandman and I've now spent considerable time reading about every aspect of this crazy fascinating story.  At first I didn't want to see Love and Mercy because I've been wanting to see Spy and/or Andreas.  Let me tell you something my friends.  I will never regret changing my mind to see Love and Mercy.  The entire cast is fabulous, but let's give a special well deserved shout out to John Cusack, potentially one of my best friends. Also, let's shout out to Husbandman whose clarity about not wanting to see the movies I wanted to see led to an unforgettable, unregrettable ,possibly life changing experience.  We'll probably see Spy and/or Andreas later in the week. 


mm said...

It'll be even more fun to read your blog once you become best friends with Jon. I'm assuming we'll be able to call him by his first name since he's your friend.

KC said...

Tell John I said, "Hi," okay? Remember when Joan had that headgear on? So funny.