Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Toddling Town

There's a reason Chicago is called Paris of the Prairie.  The art here is stunning. 

And there's a reason why it's called City in a Garden.  This lily pond in Lincoln Park  is tranquil yet awe inspiring.

Some people call it "The City That Works" and that suits as well.
These jazz cats worked it on Friday night at the Ravinia Music Festival.
I wish we didn't have to leave this windy city because we love this Toddling Town.  We're heading back to B-town.  I'm singing that song, "Tweedle dee dee and Tweedle dee dum.  Look out Btown cause here we come.  We're on our way."  It's an adaptation of a song by the Temptations.  It can really get your day started right.


mm said...

Wonderful pictures from Chicago!

jdoc said...

I would really like for my Sam Quinn to see your Quinn play sometime. He would be inspired and talk about it nonstop for days. And then we'd have to buy a stand up bass.

bluebirdwoman said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip!!

KC said...

Such an awesome trip!!