Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Glass

Thanks (#5) for all the martyred lobsters.
This week on PEI has been life changing in 2 ways.  First off, I'm now a huge lighthouse fan.  I like to see a lighthouse or 2 each day if possible.  I know about the fresnel lens. My long term plan is to build a good sized lighthouse in my backyard.  And B., I now collect sea glass.  I have 3 pieces of sea glass.  We talked to a woman who's a member of North American Sea Glass Association and she got us pumped up for this new hobby.  I'm going to start a small sea glass museum as soon as I get back.  So please come over to see the 3 pieces we've collected.

On a sidenote, we saw a yellow warbler yesterday, as well as 2 crows chasing after a bald eagle.  Let's not forget that we've also seen 2 foxes on this crazy island.


mm said...

Sounds magnificent.

KC said...

I read a book once called "Sea Glass," and the main character was super into collecting it. Have you seen Anne of Green Gables at all?