Wednesday, June 03, 2015

The Points

#2 Thankful for Tea. Tea's good.
I went to a weight loss meeting today.  I know diets don't work, but I decided to go anyway because I felt like it. Basically, I do what I want.

At the end of the meeting, which appropriately focused on making healthy food choices while on vacation, I had to stick around with another newbie to get the low down on how the program works.  We started talking before the weight loss cheerleader came over to talk to us and I really liked this young gal.  "How many daily points did you get?" I asked her.  Turns out, fellow newbie got 31 points and I only got 26.  I was realistic about the dilemma that this point disparity was causing me, "26 is not a lot.  I doubt I can survive on 26 points a day."

Fellow Newbie agreed with me shaking her head and whispering, "There's basically no way. 26 points is nothing."

So long story short, I've decided to give myself 31 daily points. Keeping it real, so to speak. Tomorrow morning we leave for a vacation in the north.  We're going to Prince Edward Island.  I'm going to be making some super healthy choices, with my fit bit charged up and my 31 daily points in my point tracker.  People, let's do this.


mm said...

I love your new background!

KC said...

31 points is excellent. Take those 31 points!!

Anonymous said...

Your vacay is going to rock! Enjoy!

LH said...

We are in Toronto, having some breakfast. I ordered porridge.

LH said...

We are in our AirBnb apartment. Very nice. Starting the trip with a nap.

jdoc said...

Where is Prince Edward Island? I should probably know.

LH said...

Keep driving North and east and you will find us.. Near Nova Scotia.