The Laze

It's a jammy kind of day.  Got in at 2 am.  A tough re-entry.  Feeling slightly discombobulated. But the good news? Las Vegas trip was surprisingly satisfying. 3 new colleagues on the trip were v. fun to get to know.  One said to me last night, "This was like going from 0 to 60."  Also cheering was getting to hang out with the old crew. We even learned a few new tricks to pack up our sleeves.  School Improvement Recommendation of the day: Faculties should travel together to Las Vegas annually.  That place is a bonding place.


Anonymous said…
Glad to have you back. jw
LH said…
It's good to be back. I'm going to try to accomplish some stuff today. Wish me luck.
LH said…
Do you like this photograph of lavender?

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