Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Wedges

If you come to this town, you will probably want to have a wedge salad at the long time restaurant. All day I was looking forward to blogging about the wedge, my all time favorite salad. The wedge came and I gave it my full attention. I only remembered the camera when a few shreds of lettuce remained. K and J, but not Ray, ate the wedge as well. Post wedge, I got the camera out and started snapping pictures of K and J, sisters. This is the 32nd picture I shot during dinner. I think they still like me, but you can see they're getting slightly tired of the slow camera at this point. Thankfully, the wedges sustained them through the ordeal.
P.S. Bella the pup has a new home as of today. Judy wants you to know. Posted by Picasa


kc said...

I am v. happy with this photo. definitely worth the ordeal.

your bloomington friends are cute, imo.

LH said...

i think they're way cute as well. they're looking forward to your trip to town.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah...we're just cute as bugs. The wedges were delicious. I loved the company.
We can't wait for the MN friends to visit.

LH said...

i hope the wedge stays on the menu. i was nervous to see the wedge only offered on the specials board. I tried to talk up the wedge with the waiter each time he visited the table. I hope he got my drift.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but I think the server was on his own "drift" if you get my drift.


Julie said...

oddly enough, the only other place I've seen the wedge, per se, on a menu is at this Inn we used to stay in on Lake Michigan. The food was gourmet in this place, but the kids always talked about the wedge as one of their favorites. We had many happy wedges there. Hey, guess what can buy a head of lettuce for 99 cents...that's 4-6 wedges. Maybe I should have a wedge luncheon?

LH said...

julie, peter put a head of lettuce in my purse last night before i left, telling me i could save some money by sharing it in the car.
somehow i'm not sure a homemade wedge would ring true. i guess i'd be willing to try.