Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Mosque

Someone threw a molotov cocktail (whatever that is) into the window of our local mosque last night. Miraculously, a man was praying at the mosque and was able to put out the fire and the damage is minimal---broken window and some burnt wood. It's hard to believe people this stupid are walking around town.


Julie said...

Good grief! I should read the paper more...I did not hear about this. This, too, is very disturbing.

marion said...

Hi Lee and Julie (and everyone else in Blog Land)!

This is really terrible. I'm so sorry to hear that something like this happened in our home town. Sorry I've been out of touch- we don't have internet at home anymore- it's a long, boring story. I miss you guys! But I'll be home in only a couple more weeks now!

LH said...

Hi Marion! We are counting down the days til you get home. Give us the EXACT day, PLEASE!

Julie said...

Yes, the date! the date! We miss you!