Friday, July 22, 2005

The Dream

We're visiting my parents in the Southland, so I had planned to take a break from the blog.
I was getting a bit obsessive about a little leeway, I figured, and my parents own the slowest computer on the planet. But last night the blogosphere would be repressed no longer and took over my dreamscape. Shakespeare's Sister (not linking here because of slow computer) was an interior designer of some sort. She was giving us an estimate for some work on our house, similar to blog entries by Savvy Mom and Domestic Bliss. Then Husbandman and I had a disagreement about the pricing. So I sat down at the computer and composed a nifty blog entry about it. I hate when people tell me about their dreams, so I apologize, but this one is odd and interesting, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

Well, sorta, I guess it's nifty. Sounds like you're needing to get over to your brotherman and sisterwoman's house for victuals and libations! xxxoooB&B

LH said...

the nifty blog was IN my dream. I spent a considerable amount of the dream blogging. that might be a bad sign. thanks for the victuals and libations, b. we had a blast as usual.

kc said...

I have dream-blogged, as well.

A bad sign, I think.

Really wishing you lived here. Was sad to go to Loring Pasta Bar w/o you.

Looking forward to our visit in October.

LH said...

hey kc, i was surprised to dreamblog. i have been a frequent writer in the past and never did any dream writing that i can recall.
tonight was a sad night. we had tix to see bruce springsteen here in atlanta. we got on the highway 2 hours early for a 30 minute drive, and then we got in this war of the worlds traffic jam for 4.5 hours. there was a fatal accident involving a car and a truck that kept all traffic standing still for hours. we missed bruce, so now i'm having a glass of wine, and heading to bed. sadly. wah.

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