Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Powers

#1 Son and I saw Sky High tonight while other family members went to the Musical Arts Center to see HMS Pinafore, whatever that is. Sky High rocked. It’s all about high school kids with assorted super hero powers. Some kids have powers that are less than impressive, but even melting like a popsicle or turning into a rodent can help when the world needs saving.
#1 spent last week at a YMCA Adventure Camp where he learned skills for surviving in the wild. By Friday he and his pals were able to make fire, with counselor assistance, and he demonstrated his technique for us at home, using these tools that he carved himself. I asked him how long he thought he could survive in the wild and he predicted, “About 24 hours probably.” Wilderness survival might not be one of his super powers, but like the kid in the movie, he probably has other powers we don’t know about yet. Maybe we all do.


kc said...

HMS Pinafore -- are you a West Wing person? There is a great G&S-themed episode.

p.s. I LOVE owen and vince. God, I love them.

LH said...

not a big westwinger, tho i used to be. the weird thing about hms pinafore is...what's the difference between an operetta and a musical? your thoughts?

I'm so glad you liked V and O. Have you seen V in Swingers? I love that movie.

jdoc said...

I think we all have super powers, but they include things like being a super sleeper or a super regular pooper. I am neither of these. So far I think my only super power is balancing my checkbook. It almost always comes out exactly right.

Can't decide if I should marry Vince or Owen, but I've had worse dilemmas to deal with.

LH said...

My superpower is ability to do the jumble words in seconds flat. It's virtually automatic 98% of the time. A fine skill indeed.

Liz said...

i have always wanted to fly... i know every1 wants to fly when there a kid or something but wouldn't that be just really awesome?

LH said...

Hi Ms. Liz,
Yes, flying would be way up on my top ten super power list. I used to have vivid dreams of flying when I was little. Still remember that sensation.
The time I was on the Goodyear Blimp was a bit like flying, Ask Rosalyn to tell you more about that!

Julie said...

I was one of those kids who took flying into my own hands, jumping from precariously high places holding onto an umbrella. I also made cardboard wings once. Everything seems so possible when you're little. I'm surprised that I never broke anything. No.1 son saw the movie with Roz. Son also saw Charlie ATCF with pals. I have seen nothing this summer and I'm starting to get bummed about that.

LH said...

My dreams were so vivid that I thought I could fly for quite a long time. My older brother used humiliation tactics to convince me otherwise. I was irked when I finally had to face facts.