Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Slip and Slide

A slip and slide is an activity to consider when it's 95 degrees. Just hook it up and slip and then slide. This one is inflatable, an innovation on the slip and slide of yore. We didn't inflate it because it was 95 degrees out and we would have sweated too much waiting for full inflation. When sister Joy arrived she insisted we should do it up right. She inflated each section using her car battery to power the pump. Joy confirmed my memory that the slip and slides of yore were about 100 feet long. The present day variety are a mere 20 feet. My arms hurt today because of my spectacular moves imitating Olympic gymnasts as I dove into the slide, and my parents' lawn sports a 20 foot brown patch now. But the slip and slide would not be denied. Posted by Picasa


bluebirdwoman said...

I want to see the photo of the brown spot.

Julie said...

I love the slip-n-slide, however the inflation thing would be a huge improvement, because otherwise one can get a nasty set of bruises from bumpy things in the yard. At a party at my friend Rod's house last summer, it started pouring rain, and so he got a giant piece of plastic, coated it with dishwashing liquid for slipperyness, and we slip-n-slided across his lawn, fully clothed, in the pouring rain. That was the night I decided I would love my friend Rod for the rest of my life. So slip-n-slides can actually increase the love in the world. Slide on, friends!

LH said...

bbw, The brown spot still haunts me. I'll probably be hearing about it for years.
j, qman wanted shaving cream in the worst way but i felt we were already pushing our luck wrecking the lawn. i like the resourcefulness of this rodman of yours.