Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Roadtrip

Traffic in Atlanta beats Chicago traffic to hell. We got stuck in traffic every day we were there. The worst story of our lives happened Saturday night. We had tickets to Springsteen and were on our way so cheerfully when we got stuck in traffic due to a hideous accident that kept us on the freeway for 4.5 hours. No Bruce. 200$ gone forever. And no Bruce concert. Husbandman and I are working through the grief stages. We're still in shock and denial, but the anger will come probably later in the week. Just getting back into the car today for the 9 hour road trip gave me shingles, but Harry Potter saved the day. Teen daughter and I traded chapters and we're about 1/3 through. The trip zipped by. Kudos and thanks to Dorothy for this picture of Samantha reading Harry Potter. That's a cooperative dog. I wish my foto subjects could be so cooperative. Every time I took a picture of my brother this weekend he kept saying, "Don't blog that!" I love him anyway, but geezlouise, it's clearly an honor to be represented on the blog and everyone knows that.


bluebirdwoman said...

I bought the book last night at Krogers, of all places!

Kim said...

I am still rebelling from the pop smash of the Potter series....I will read it when it is "uncool" or at least the media frenzie has died down and our kids can go back to reading without the media hunting them down with everything from dolls, to pins, to video games, to t-shirts, to candy, to shoes, to.....You get the picture. The first book was great but the hyper-media stuff took the joy out for me. Additionally the piles of "I have to read books" since entering seminary are more than I have ever experienced yet!

Glad you made good use of the time....hope and joy!

LH said...

bbw, Ray got his at Krogers too. wild. potter's everywhere.
Hi Miss Kim...I get what you're saying about the pile of books. I get what you're saying about the marketing deal too, but as a person who had to leave the film Armageddon and drive directly to Target to get a Ben Affleck action figure, I have a weakness in that area.

Quinnster said...

that's a cool picture.