Friday, July 29, 2005

The Hesitance

On my way out to watch American Graffiti in the park I noticed that the night was chillier than I’d expected. I wondered aloud if I might need a jacket. But instead of going back in the house and getting one, I worried that I was holding up the waiting family and hurried into the minivan. When we got to the park it was clear that everyone needed sweatshirts. I drove home and got everyone sweatshirts and blankets, missing the beginning of this classic film. This incident represents a character trait that’s been bugging me for a long time. I am ridiculously hesitant when it comes to making a decision. Even when I’m totally sure I’m right about something---being out of toothpaste, for example---I hem and haw with wishy-washy remarks like, “I think I may have noticed…” and “I’m not sure but we might consider…” I’m annoying the hell out of myself with my hesitance. Is this how I want to live? Is this who I want to be?
I might try and work on being more decisive today. But I'm not sure if I will or not.


jdoc said...

I miss you, lh. You are so funny.

Anonymous said...

Silly though this may sound, does the picture of the empty computer desk represent your heistancy in working on your diss?--xxxooo--B&B

LH said...

thanks ms. jdoc, itook a day off from life and am feeling a wee bit better.
b and b, i was thinking that if i could only have a desk like this, i would be able to move forward and be successful. it was made by f.l. wright, so it's a hard thing to find, but surely a replica is out there somewhere.???

kc said...

i bet target makes a knock off. they knock everything off. love tarjhay.

Cari said...

Just letting you know I started a new blog.