Thursday, July 23, 2015

Thursday Creativity Share: Kinetic Vision Machines

When we were on Prince Edward Island, we went to a museum in Charlottetown and saw this kinetic vision machine created by Pascal Dufaux.  Three cameras move about taking random videos which are then projected on to screens at delayed times.  I could have stayed inside this installation all day long.  I wish we could have a kinetic vision machine installed in the classroom for the new Thirdlanders. It could also be wonderful to have one in our living room or kitchen, here at home.

Judith and I are heading to Chicago today.  We are meeting up with some worksite colleagues and will attend an International Baccalaureate Conference of the Americas. I'm extremely excited.  I came in to the trip late, so I have to take on a new identity when registering.  For this weekend, you may refer to me as Megan Carpenter.

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KC said...

Kinetic Vision!! Wow!!

Have so much fun in Chicago. I know you will.