Monday, July 27, 2015

The Baccalaureate

Just got back from an International Baccalaureate conference.  It was glorious.  Our school is one year into our IB work and I've been interested in the process.  Now I'm pumped up, committed, psyched.  #GoIB!

We heard many great speakers over the 3 days in beautiful Chicago.  My favorite was Sir Ken Robinson.  I wish I could work with him on a creative project.  Judith and I also want to take a Bollywood dance class.  We were inspired by some young Bollywood dancers from Peirce School.

Today's creative project will involve getting my classroom in shape for the incoming Thirdlanders. So excited.


Judy Williams said...

Sir Ken Robinson was just incredible. How did all that incredibleness get into one person?!

KC said...

I have heard him, as well, once at NCTE Vegas. Remember that? There's no one better.