Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Relationship

I'm writing about teachers working in the ways that editors do.  Maybe today I will finish the chapter I've been revising, based on an editor's suggestions.  It's been funny to write about how editors work while working with an actual editor.  I wonder if she thinks I'm accurate in my descriptions of editor - author relationships.  She doesn't seem to love my proposal, but she keeps asking me to change it, so maybe we're having a good relationship.  I think we're both here for the right reasons, but I'm not always sure.

I am close to finishing this latest revision. Husbandman has been, as usual, an amazing consultant and advisor as I've sat pulling out my hair.  He's kind of like Chris Harrison in a way.

Maybe the editor will like this latest revision and we'll take our relationship to the next level.

Maybe she won't and we'll break up and it will be time to work on something else.  I still haven't crocheted that owl I mentioned earlier in the summer.

The important thing for me right now is to finish the latest rewrite. The requested revisions have been significant and I've struggled to figure out how to take apart the chapter and piece it all back together.
I've been buoyed up about this project over coffee and bagels this morning, reading articles about Harper Lee's relationship with her editor, Tay Hohoff.  Another amazing editor - author relationship with beautiful, lasting, results. Tay Hohoff is my latest editor crush. Let's keep this among ourselves.


Judy Williams said...

Congrats on finishing up this chapter and sending it off. It's huge! It's incredible! It's so you!

lee said...

Well, off it went.

I always love it when the ball is in the editor's court for awhile.