Friday, July 17, 2015

The Portraiture

I missed Thursday Creativity Share yesterday.  I did think about it and had ideas, but things have been kind of slip sliding around here lately.  On the good side, I had a great meeting with the third grade team yesterday and it was fun to chat about school stuff.  I love 3rd grade and Thirdlanders in general.  We're going to start the year with an inquiry into Who We Are, with a focus on what constitutes personal, societal, and global wellness.  Just getting the wheels turning felt good yesterday.  I started thinking about kicking off the unit by learning about Frida Kahlo's self portraits.  I'm starting to read about more contemporary portraiture as well.  I like Daniel J. Martinez's portrait.  What do you think of it?


Judy Williams said...

I think I'm going to be sick.

lee said...

Peter said the same thing, when I told him to click the link.

This artist is a wild man.

Thanks for stopping by, Judith!!!! Happy Saturday!

KC said...

I'm NOT clicking the link. It's really something.

Love this post!