Tuesday, July 28, 2015


And #TwinTuesday rolls around again.  This pairing was initiated by KC.  Board game and whisk. First I heard of it, I was struggling to wake up and verticalize.  Luckily, we own games galore as well as a whimsical whisk.  KC, thanks for keeping #TwinTuesday on track this week.

Remember how yesterday I woke up and was all excited about getting my classroom set up?  I had some setbacks to the setup my friends.  Gather round and I'll tell you my tale.  First off, the computers in my room are connected with thousands of wires.  These wires lay in a big jumbled incredible inscrutable heap, nearly in plain view.  These wires cause me consternation.  In short, they really are unattractive.  I spent about an hour trying to straighten the situation out.  Finally I called Husbandman and told him with some urgency, "You know, I could really use some help over here!" He came in the afternoon and worked on the wires for quite a long time.  Big improvement, but I think Husbandman plans to come back with some twist ties to work longer on the wires today or tomorrow.  I'm pretty sure he wants to make sure the job gets done right. THANK YOU HUSBANDMAN!

Here's another set back to the set up.  I decided to walk around to see some other classrooms.  Get the lay of the land so to speak.  Since my classroom looks like the barest army barracks you've ever seen in a depressing movie about young soldiers and the painful boot camp experience, I thought I might gather a few ideas.  This was a mistake.  There are 2 creatives down the hall from me whose classrooms could be featured in Architectural Digest. I'm not lying. These classrooms are the most beautiful, most magical spaces I've ever beheld. After freaking out independently, I found a good pal by the name of Jayma and explained to her that the magical rooms were freaking me out and she said, "Oh, come on.  Your room always looks great."  I said, "No. My room is a pit. Come look at these rooms with me."  We walked in together and she stopped in her tracks.  "Oh wow.  Okay, I see what you're saying.  This is amazing."  So you know that got my psycho soup stirred up pretty darn well.  

Thank goodness we had the Bachelorette finale to calm me down for 3 hours last night.  Not only did I get to see the love of a brand new couple, I also got to be DONE with watching The Bachelorette for a year or so.  This was a long nine weeks and honestly, I don't think I got a lot out of it.

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Anonymous said...

People, she speaks the truth about these two classrooms. They are stunning. Just stunning.