Wednesday, July 01, 2015

The Kittens

If you or someone you know wants a cool little kitten let me know soon.  I'm going to Georgia on Friday and my parents have 3 sweet kittens that need good homes.

Also, we gave some money to Glenda Ritz yesterday.  She is running for governor and it's absolutely imperative that we all vote for her and support her campaign.  A bunch of us voted for Ms. Ritz for State Superintendent and she won which was great. Then our governor basically took much of the power of this position away because he doesn't like Glenda Ritz and doesn't care about my vote counting for something.  So now Glenda Ritz is running for governor and she really needs to win to preserve our democracy.  In short, stakes are high.  Probably for the kittens too, so keep both of these initiatives in mind. But don't get stressed out.  There's too much of that going around right now.


mm said...

I'm not getting stressed, but I am waiting for cute kitten pictures.

KC said...

where did the kittens come from?

Anonymous said...

I'm taking personal initiative in one of these two wonderful projects. I'm sure you can guess which one.