Monday, July 13, 2015

The Route

I'm still enjoying Norman Fischer's book, Taking Our Places.  Norman is a Soto Zen Roshi.  (I wasn't sure what Roshi meant, so I looked it up).

Anyway, Norman makes a good point about change in his book.  In order to change in ways that are meaningful or lasting, we're going to have to take a long and circuitous route to get there.  I'm paraphrasing.  This idea gets me to thinking about the reforms our school system has put into place over the last few years. These reforms focus on accelerating student learning through quick fix interventions. Obviously this is asinine.
In short, if we could get a few Soto Zen Roshis into positions of power in our school system, our time at school would make a lot more sense and be a lot more pleasant.


mm said...

... in school systems all over!

Anonymous said...

Makes perfect sense.