Tuesday, May 19, 2015


#TwinTuesday.  We've got a can of food and a sponge.  Linking to twitter for KC's brilliant pairing because of her hiatus.  Let's remember the definition of hiatus. It's a "pause or gap" in a sequence or process.  So this hiatus is not permanent.  It's just a slight pause.  If you go here you can see a link to this photo's twin, on this perfect Tuesday.

I'm thinking about sending my students out into the school area in small groups with post its.  We're studying solid figures, so they can label the cylinders, rectangular prisms, and spheres that they find around the building.  Something to do.  My problem is that I keep thinking of new things to do rather than finishing up the projects already in the hopper.  I'm not good at finishing things. That's just how it is and as we all know, I have other fine qualities.


KC said...

I've made a firm plan for my return. Not to be overly dramatic about it. But, yes, it's a hiatus.

KC said...

And, spectacular photo as usual.

nancy reynolds said...

Return soon, please KC!

cb said...

Creamed corn!

Yes, you have many fine qualities.

mm said...

Thanks for the definition of hiatus... It's helpful when thinking of KC's blog.

Judy Williams said...

Let me start the list of the fine qualities...brilliant!