Sunday, May 03, 2015

The Service

Here are a few things I've found out lately.  First, you can recycle styrofoam if it has one of those triangle icons on it with a # inside from 1 to 7.  Maybe you knew this already and that's fine.  I'm writing about stuff I've found out lately.  That's my focus.   Also, there's a thing called cold brew coffee.  Everyone's excited about it. We have a new Coffee Lab and that's where I'm going to go to get the cold brew. It's on Kirkwood and I'm hoping some friends can join me there because frankly, some cold brew company could be nice. Next, we saw some muscovy ducks at the bird look out last night and muscovy ducks don't really belong here so they probably are rogue muscovies.  And last but not least, one of the big imports to Indiana is hormones.  We are #3 in the country in the pharmaceutical industry, so this makes sense.  We are using the hormones as part of our pharmaceutical research and development. 

Now that I've shared my new info, I'm going to get back into typing the stories of the Thirdlanders.  My goal today is to provide services to readers and students.  Service Sunday.  This could be a thing.  But I'm not sure. Any of these facts could contain errors and I don't want to steer people wrong.


Anonymous said...

Hormones? Really?!

mm said...

I need to grade poetry books, but I don't want to. It's 3:37 Sunday afternoon, and I have not looked at one. I see you're being more productive.

lee said...

Yes, hormones! And blood is on the top ten list.

We're all about big PHARMA here in the Hoosier state.

MM, I graded all day. It wasn't a very cheerful thing to do and I find I did a bad job teaching a bunch of stuff.
So I think you took the best path today.

KC said...

I hate when the grading reveals a teaching error. It's such a flipping drag.