Saturday, May 02, 2015

The Braves

I've been watching snippets of baseball here and there, but tonight I decided to just relax and watch an entire game.  So of course my team is losing four to nothing.

Wait.  My new favorite player Cameron Maybin just hit a two run homer.  So it's 4 to 2 and I'm feeling hopeful.

Speaking of the Braves, the Thirdlanders are reading picture book biographies.  I have 2 picture book biographies about each famous person.  Yesterday I asked a Thirdlander why he wasn't reading a biography.  He said, "I already read the book about Hank Aaron."
I countered with, "Did you read both books about him?"
He parried with, "There's only one there."
So then I had to walk over to the book bins and find the second book.  I found it in about 22 seconds. When I held it up, the Thirdlander said, "That's about Henry Aaron, not Hank Aaron."

I set him straight and he got to reading.

Shoot.  Now it's 5 to 2.  I am back to being annoyed now.

And as I've been looking for links, the Reds have scored again.  Braves, think of Henry or Hank Aaron, and get your acts together.


LH said...

I think this photograph of the ravine is quite nice. It was taken on trail 7 in McCormick's Creek. McCormick's Creek state park was the first state park in Indiana.

Anonymous said...

I love McCormick's Creek. We used to stay in the cabins with my grandma and grandpa.

mm said...

Spring is absolutely beautiful. Great photo.

KC said...

Damn it. I now want cold-brew coffee.