Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Negativity

Lupe is here beside me, resting comfortably.

We're watching the Braves.

My dad keeps walking by.  Every time he comes through, he gives Lupe a pat and says, "You poor lonely creature."

I'm kind of offended by these comments and I believe Lupe is as well.  Lupe appears to be comfortable and content, watching the Braves with her Hoosier kin.

I think Lupe should come home with me. Lupe needs positive attitudes around her.  This negative energy is really bringing Lupe down.



Anonymous said...

I am all for the liberation. I think Chloe and Lupe would make fine friends as well.

bluebirdwoman said...

Lupe and Lee--nice alliteration!

mm said...

Although Lupe would have a wonderful home with you, I'm also sure Lupe currently has a wonderful home. I guess this means I'm 50/50 about liberating Lupe.

KC said...

I am for you getting a dog. You need one!!!

Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

We are not getting a dog.