Friday, May 15, 2015

Behind the Scenes 1

Photo credit:  Thirdlander MOM!
There's another little blog challenge going on called Behind the Scenes.  Here are 2 incidents to share.  As you know one of the Thirdlanders stapled her thumb yesterday.  Behind the scenes, there was much talk about whether to pull the staple out or not.  Some people volunteered, others said we should wait.  A doctor ended up pulling out the staple, which had entered the thumb bone.  Another thing that happened behind closed doors yesterday was our faculty meeting.  Next year we'll get some labels for teachers. The best label is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE.  I want that label and I will accept no other.  So I have to have a talk with my principal about that.


KC said...

I also want to be HIGHLY EFFECTIVE and will settle for nothing less. Also, this bat really freaks me out. And finally, thanks for the links, Doll. Shout it loud - freedom to blog.

jdoc said...

If the two of you are not HIGHLY EFFECTIVE, I don't know who is.

Also, KC, help. I can't access your blog!

mm said...

Staple into her bone....