Wednesday, May 06, 2015

The Stories

An extra fun part of being an editor at Popcorn Press is learning more about themes and topics embedded in Thirdlander social narratives.  I try to find articles and information that tie in with the Thirdlander themes so we can do some research together and publish books that ring true. Because I've been editing like a madwoman the last few days (and I'm still not done btw), I've gotten to read more about:

  • Adults with Down Syndrome and Employment
  • Girls playing football in schools
  • The steep decline of the # of African American Farmers
  • Repercussions of Being Shy
  • Name calling and bullying
  • Placebo effect on illness
  • Animal Rights
  • Invention of the Flying Car
  • Impact of Video Games on Outside Play
So, that's pretty neat.  I had a tense chat with a Thirdlander this week about his story.  I hesitated to give him my opinion and he said, "But you're my editor" and he said it so seriously that I realized I needed to step it up and jump in the game.  He's the guy writing about a character who invents a flying car with his dad.  The story's going to be epic.


mm said...

I love "but you're my editor." Go Thirdlanders... Stay strong.

KC said...

I have some exciting news: my sister-in-law played football in high school on the boys' team. I feel she was a pioneer of sorts.

And, I love Popcorn Press.