Tuesday, May 05, 2015


So, it's #TwinTuesday.  This week we've got a fork and an eye dropper. So beautiful.  I can't stop staring. WordSavvy has an interesting fork in her photo, called a cheese fork. All my life I've been enjoying cheese without the proper cheese accessory.  I won't delay. I'll get a cheese fork today.  But more importantly, I do love this #TwinTuesday pairing. I may turn this into a poster and hang it around town.  That's going to stop a few people in their tracks.

On a sadder note, one of my beloved Thirdlanders broke his arm yesterday, leaping off a play structure.  I personally believe there should be no play equipment on playgrounds.  Just level fields.  There should be no opportunities for leaping on a playground. Leaping leads to broken limbs and traumatized educators.  Let's just stay put.  I suggest that we amend the old adage "Look before you leap" to "Look before you leap and then just stay where you are."

I'm heading out to the polls.  I'm voting for John Hamilton.  I hope he wins.  Usually my vote brings a candidate down, but let's see what we can do. Go JOHN!


KC said...

We are so connected today by both forks, droppers, and also BROKEN LIMBS! How magical!!

mm said...

I need to start checking time stamps (if they exist on blogs). Do you and KC publish at the same time?

KC said...

We both post in the early morning, but not exactly synchronized.