Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Vacation

Vacation officially begins today. I'm kind of in a state of stunned apprehension.  Is this for real?  I just keep worrying that our superintendent is going to leap through my front door and scream, "You're going back to work right now!"

In short, vacation doesn't feel real yet.  I've only been on vacation for a few hours so I need to slowly calm my way into it.  The school year with the Thirdlanders ended sweetly.  I did shed some tears, not going to lie. I received several sweet notes from the Thirdlanders.  I liked this comment: "I like you because you are kind and caring and you have taught me over 1,000 things."

I need a book to read.  I need some plants to plant.  Those are today's goals.  Starting simple.  If I push into vacation mode too quickly, I could end up in the hospital.  Slow recovery of force after fatigue.  Essential right now.


lee said...

GeezLouise. I've been down and out all day. Don't mean to be a whiner, but RATS!

Let's get it together and start feeling like I have the world by the tail.

Anonymous said...

I didn't even bother change out of my Jammie's yesterday! I too need to do something a bit more today. perhaps clean one closet....or maybe just read a good book. Enjoy your richly deserved vacation!


kc said...

You're not even kidding about the hospital. Let's not forget the lessons of the facial infection. Keep calm and just relax.