Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Penultimate Day

It's Penultimate Day, People.  It only comes around once a year, so make sure to shout it from the rooftops.

Because of my combined fatal diseases of sinusitis and otitis I was in a bit of a funk yesterday.  Not going to lie.  Never one to stay there too long, I invited KC, Judith and Husbandman to join me in a day of texting a day trip to Hawaii.  This really perked me up.  Throughout the day I sent and received texts like these:

Long flight.  Good thing we're in first class.

I had three guava champagne drinks and guess what?  Matt Damon is sitting behind me.  We've been chatting about books.

Kona is going to be so gorgeous.  First we'll have some mangoes and sit on the beach.

These breakfast pina coladas out on the beach sure do hit the spot.

Hey, there's the cabana guy.  Let's tip him really well so he'll take good care of us today.

I've signed us up for the fish pedicures and a whale watching expedition.

Boy the pineapple really does taste better here.  Surprising.

Bonfire down on the beach tonight.  HULA!

 .....So today we're heading to Paris.  Come on along, mes amies.  Aujourd'hui?  C'est Penultimate Day!


unabashed liberal said...

Avez un bon voyage!! Marchez à côté de la Seine!! Visitez le musée du quai Branly!! Avez un verre ou duex ou trois!!

kc said...

We might want to try paris again.

mm said...

I love this!!