Monday, May 18, 2015

The Worms

The web worms are everywhere right now.  Some people call them bag worms.

There are kids who drop the web worms in to the creek.  They claim that the fish like to eat them.  I discourage that because I'm staunchly against murdering the web worms.

Other kids report that after school they make paper boats for the web worms and sail them down the creek to places unknown.  I imagine the web worms probably enjoy heading out on adventures, seeing new places and new faces. I wonder where they end up.  I wonder about the stories they tell when and if they make their way back to the land of the playground.


KC said...

Thanks once again for the link. I wrote a little bit this morning about Norah and her new boyfriend. I find writing make-out scenes difficult and kind of awkward.

Also, can you please make me one of these owls? Anytime this week would be fine. Thx.

mm said...

Thanks for the link. I wonder how I will know what Norah's up to...

Also, I appreciate that you see a story in anything... kudos.