Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday Creativity Share

Tonight we watched a show for the first time.  It's called Naked and Afraid.  Naked people try to survive in unpopulated places like the Maldives Islands. It's the number one show on television right now.

We saw a woman making some cool hats out of palm fronds, so it seems like a pretty good show.

Also, good pal Linda has given me the directions for crocheting a cool owl.  I'll make several of these in the summer months to come.

And one other thing.  This photograph shows what happened to a Thirdlander today.  She was extremely calm about it, while I was not.

Thursday Creativity Share is a wrap.  A show about creativity under dire circumstances, crocheting a cool owl, and some x ray photography showing a dramatic scene from real life.  I don't really see how it could get much better.  In all honesty.


KC said...

IS THAT ACTUALLY HER X-RAY?! What kind of stapler was she using?!

mm said...

Crazy staple Xray!!
Great picture at top!

Well done (as usual).