Tuesday, March 10, 2015


#TwinTuesday involves TheBachelor Farmer and a travel mug.  I wish they had a show where someone falls in love with a travel mug.  You can see from this photo that there's serious potential for a show about a man and his mug. ABC, if you're reading this, I'll share the rights with you.

The big tension of the show this season involved TheBachelor's home.  He lives in Arlington, Iowa and there's nothing to do there.   Lots of the women on TheBachelor were super nervous about moving to Arlington, and I fear the town is missing out on some fabulous citizens.  If only they would step up their game, life could be better for all Arlingtonians, present and future.  Here are some of my ideas for helping out Arlington.

Hey Arlington, what about:

  • a bike path through the corn fields?
  • a drive in movie theater on one of the huge farm building walls
  • night time limo drives from barn to barn, where the barns are decorated with candles and roses and artisanal cheeses are served.
  • An annual corn and craft carnival
Work with me Arlington.  We've got to turn this negative town image around.


cb said...

Great post! I really hope the good people of Arlington are reading this.

mm said...

This could be the best #twintuesday yet.

I'm not sure about the tips for Arlington.

KC said...

Excellent ideas for Arlington. I think they should also consider a field of tiny homes for artists to rent. Nothing to do but create your art, people!

jdoc said...

Best Twin Tuesday for sure.

I might have to quit The Bachelor, too. Why is there so much to do in life?