Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Re-Entry

First day back yesterday was a bit tough.  I think my favorite brother in law may have passed on a Seattle Style Cold to me.  He's still my favorite brother in law none the less.  But really, a cold of any kind is the last thing I need right now.  Though I was feeling punky, we got some stuff done yesterday, including an interesting lesson about the history of IU.  One Thirdlander had an amusing revelation as he worked on his IU timeline.  He approached me for the gazillionth time that day to share his thoughts.  "Look here.  It says, 'Indiana University.'  Indiana starts with I.  University starts with U.  Get it?  I. U. That's why they call it IU.  IU stands for Indiana University!"
      He shook his head, "I never knew this before.  Now I get it."
      In conclusion, things that seem obvious may not be so to others.  Something to ponder on this grey midwestern Writer's Wednesday.


mm said...

IU Indiana University... good to know.

KC said...

Thank The Lord for this revelation!!! It really weirds me out when people refer to a U of M that is not university of Minnesota