Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Meeting

At morning meeting yesterday, a Thirdlander raised her hand and said, "I have a concern about gym class.  People are getting really competitive and hurting other people's feelings and body parts.  And I really don't think we should hurt people's feelings or body parts.  Because we want people to have happy feelings and healthy body parts."

It took everything in me not to laugh every time she said body parts, but I just looked down at my crocheting project and miraculously kept it together.  There's something about the term "body parts" that seems super funny to me.

We finished IREAD yesterday.  Some schools have had computer glitches during the test, but my class did not.  It took 90 minutes to take the test.  After the test was a thing of the past,  I gave them a 20 minute indoor recess and some gushers to eat.  While some Thirdlanders worked on the whiteboard, others played a game called ASSASSIN.  I'm sure no one's surprised that 2 people were crying at the end of the recess.  One because of hurt feelings.  One because of a hurt body part.  I'm glad spring is on its way.  We will be done with testing and we will go outside when we have time for an extra recess.


KC said...

Body parts is super funny. But hurt body parts are no joke.

mm said...

I love that concerns were expressed.

jdoc said...

I love the stories from Thirdlandia.