Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Power of Hydrogen

The IU Biologists came to teach us about the water cycle and acid rain yesterday.  The Thirdlanders were in a bit of a funky mood.  They weren't great listeners and kept distracting me from learning about the water cycle and acid rain.  I did get to test the pH of some acid rain and when we dissolved some chalk in vinegar, a Thirdlander announced that the results "looked like barf."  Come to find out, we have quite a bit of acid in our stomachs so he was right on the money with his observations.  We had a serious talk after the IU Biologists left.  We'll be reviewing procedures and protocols on Monday.  Then everything will be fine again.


KC said...

It's that time of year, I think. The thirdlanders will get it together, no doubt.

mm said...

I have no doubt that the Thirdlanders will be fine after the review.