Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Break Day 7

Day 7 was really heaven.  Highlights involved:

  • the calming paths of the Japanese Gardens
  • the fascinating Native American art pieces in the Indigenous Beauty exhibit
  • the WILD neoPOP art of Mr., at the Seattle Asian Art Museum
  • the blooming flora of the conservatory
  • perusing and purchasing Elliot Bay Books 

After seeing the work of Mr., I bought a book called How to Draw Manga and I'm going to get started on that project today or some time later this week. Tonight we're going to hear a Moth Story Slam.  Can't even write about it because I'm so crazy excited.


KC said...

Your spring break really sounds terrific. Well done, peeps!

mm said...

I love the "blooming flora."

Anonymous said...

Was by any chance Dan Kennedy there? Someday I'll hear a Moth StorySlam too!!!