Monday, March 09, 2015

The Consequences

This is one of those days where you wonder about possible paths.  The Thirdlanders take IREAD this week.  I've decided not to make mention of the fact that a consequence of failing IREAD is going to summer school. Why stress them out?  They read well.

So I've decided not to tell them.  Someone else can tell them.  Probably someone else already has told them.  But am I concealing information that's important?  Anyway, let's ignore the whole sad news of summer school.  Some people probably like summer school. Just for the record, I don't agree with high stakes testing.  Especially for the Thirdlanders.

Our goal for the week is to participate.  Jump in and get involved.  Participate in our own lives.  Be fully present and take that next right action.

This could be fun.


mm said...

Good for you! IMHO, summer school and tests, especially tests, suck!

KC said...

Summer School for ThirdLand on the basis of the IREAD is so dumb.