Thursday Creativity Share: Movie Review

Part of a Mr. Painting
Why did I start writing comments on the report cards?  I've written 6 and I have 18 more to go. I'm not saying anything earth shattering, but I'm plugging along. I almost didn't blog this evening because of the pressure of the report card comments, but then I got my priorities in order.  I need everyone, if they want, to go out and see the movie What We Do In the Shadows.  Husbandman loved it too, and describes it as "good" and "funny."  He would give it a "4.5, maybe a 4," so you know that's a pretty good movie.  I would give it a 5.

All the Thirdlanders in the district went to see the ballet this morning.  We saw a snippet of a ballet called Jewels, choreographed by Balanchine.  The ballet has 3 parts and we saw the Rubies dance.  I wish that everyone wore ballet clothes to work every day because those costumes are striking and we would feel fancy if we wore ballet clothes.

Back to the comments.  I wish I could just write, "Your kid's amazing and we both know it."  But I feel I should be more specific.  Let's get this done.


mm said…
Good luck with the comments. I do believe they're important.
Anonymous said…
You are awesome for doing comments!

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