Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Break Day 6: Thursday Creativity Share

@Large Exhibit:  Political Prisoners in Lego
@Large Exhibit:  Porcelain blossoms in hospital cells
Goodbyes and hellos on Day 6.  Crossed state lines into Washington and right away began experiencing our sister city with a stroll around Green Lake.  Blue skies, cherry blossoms, bald eagles soaring above. Come to find out, we have a plethora of creative opportunities ahead. As soon as I get my act together, we'll be checking out our own Seattle Art Museum for the first United States exhibit of Mr:

Having grown up during Japan’s postwar “economic miracle” period, Mr. often exercises his art as a weapon against social expectations. As a member of the otaku subculture, his work ties closely with the lifestyle, which is marked by obsessive interests in anime and manga and being confined in one’s room with limited interactions with other people.

I know, right? Here's another thing.  Our nephew works at Carnegie Hall now.  Just FYI:  People in the know call it Creativity Hall.  At Creativity Hall, there are people working on Lullaby Project, where musicians assist young moms to compose lullabies for their babies.  Some of the moms are incarcerated or homeless.  I love this project a lot and wish I could help the moms compose their lullabies.  I make up songs all the time.  

I've got to get moving. The day is slipping by, my friends.  The day is slipping by.  Thursday Creativity Share. Invitations to explore creativity from coast to coast in this great land of ours.  Inspiring Stuff Yet Again.


mm said...

I love Lullaby Project.

KC said...

All of this sounds fabulous. Lullabies? That's so stinkin' cool.

Anonymous said...

That's probably one of the most creative projects I've ever heard of in my life. So awesome on so many levels.

LH said...

Our nephew is connected to this project. That's how I heard about it. He's such an awesome possum.

Anonymous said...

What a neat project! So special! Love!

Sarah M.