Friday, September 20, 2013


Tr:  Film

Haifa hosts an international film festival every year.  We've got tickets to about 8 movies.  I kind of wish we would get more tickets.  I think I could watch movies all day long.  Tonight we're seeing 2.

Cue the dance music.  I'm happy about the film festival!

Fade out dance music.  Dim lights.  It's time to start writing.  It's always kind of unpleasant to start the writing each day. That's usually why I spend some time blogging first.  Priming the pump in the comfort zone, so to speak.

If you read this today which is Friday and you live in Bloomington, you might want to hear #1 Son play music at Malibu and then at Serendipity.  A fun Friday evening.  I wish I could be there, but I have to go to the film festival.

I wish Husbandman would offer to go out to pick up some lattes, but so far he's just working at his computer and it doesn't look like he's even thinking about getting me a latte.  Really nice.


mm said...

If I was there, I would get you a latte. In fact, instead of making a smoothie this morning, I'm going to purchase a mocha for breakfast in honor of you.

KC said...

Hope you get your latte! It's my fondest wish.

lee said...

When Husbandman read this blog entry last night he said, "How was I supposed to know you wanted a latte?"

My response,"Somehow I thought you would just know."

Anyway, the day proceeded well. Wasn't feeling the work so we took a walk and had naps and then we went to the Haifa Film Festival and saw 2 movies with K and J. I wonder now if I can somehow break into the film industry. I love it so.

Anonymous said... time let's just tell him. I know he'd get you one if he knew you wanted one. I just know it!!

Bill said...

We just had a home film festival. Read an article in NY Times about " young film makers to watch." Reserved about ten of their films at library, and they were apparently offbeat enough that five of them came within a week. Lynn Shelton, Maren Ade, Alison Klayman, Dee Rees and some Romanian guy who has been the only dud so far. Enjoy your films.

LH said...

Thanks for this list. We saw a Romanian comedy the other night that was pretty good, "Of Snails and Men." I hope that's not the dud you mentioned.