Monday, September 09, 2013


Tr:  Sea

Last night we went for a night swim in the Mediterranean after sunset.  A sliver moon hung out over the horizon.  On shore, the lights of the promenade restaurants glittered.  Fist of 5?  Solid 5.

There's a tiny lizard basking out here in this little garden writing spot.  He's sweet.  I wonder if the stray cats eat these lizards?

Someone is using a power drill someplace close by.  Not pleasant at all.

Let's see if I can get something done today.  I'm on a new writing schedule, which I've already messed up due to sleeping in a little late.  It was worth it though to skype with 20 something at 6am.  She is doing wonderfully well.  #1 Son will be seen on skype soon. Probably this very day.


mm said...

Swimming in the sea at sunset! Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Keep writing!! I tried to skype with you Saturday morning but you guys must have been having adventures.

LH said...

OMG, I was so tired I took a nap instead of writing. But I had the oddest dream.

KC said...

OMG, for gorgeous. Savor the moment!!

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