Friday, September 06, 2013

Ma Ze?

Tr:  What's this?

Not doing well with my writing project today.  I'm discouraged, frankly.  Thus, the blogging instead of the writing.

It's weird when people ask me what I'm doing here.  First they find out about Peter and then they say, "And what are you doing Lee?"

I say some variation of "I'm trying to write a book based on my dissertation." People don't usually say more after that.  They just look at me blankly. Then I start wondering what they're thinking.  Even Husbandman's noticed the odd reactions.  We talked about other things I could say, but I'm basically describing exactly what I'm doing, so why should I say something different?  Today I'm feeling awful about my lack of progress, which is getting on my nerves because these are the freaking days of AWE.  


mc said...

Good luck with your writing project. I'm sure when your head catches up with your location, the writing will come. In the meantime, I love reading your blog posts about your current adventure. You both are very brave! Thank you for sharing.
Mary - a haphazard blogger in your previous challenges

mm said...

Are there really stray cats all over?

KC said...

Big shift today in tone from yesterday. Ride the waves, I think is my advice. Let it be calm and effortless.

Bill said...

Shanah Tovah, sis-in-law.

LH said...

Thanks, MC. I am crossing my fingers for some good progress this upcoming week.

MM, Yes, there are. They seem well fed though.

KC, thanks, I'm on day 8 of Headspace Take 10. Will probably subscribe. Thanks for the rec.

Enjoy these DAYS OF AWE, BROther BILL

LH said...

Husbandman and I are working at a wonderful cafe. Things are going a little easier today. Yay, hooray.

We've worked a bit, we're caffeinated. Rollamos.

Anonymous said...

Tell them your taking belly dancing lessons.