Sunday, September 08, 2013

Falafel Hazkenim

Tr:  The Old People Falafel

This weekend was all about doing
 recon and collecting intel.
We looked for a laundromat.  We found none.
 It's laundry in the sink time for all of us here
on Abba Khoushy Road.
We looked for Hazkenim, a falafel place
we heard was awesome,
but we found it not.
We won't be denied, though.
It will be found.  The falafels will be ours.

We walked on the beach, strolled through the Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, saw 2 Guns at the Cinemall and walked around the cool old part of town doing recon, collecting intel, as has already been stated.  A fine weekend but now it's time to get back in the saddle and get some work done.
For me and for you, העניינים, which might mean:  blessing and success in all matters.  


Anonymous said...

I haven't done laundry in the sink for about 30 years. Good luck with that. How can a town not have a laundry mat?
Read a good children's book last night called, Zebra Forest. Interesting and the beginning is a little contrived but the kids are gonna love it.

LH said...

I shall look into it. I love your book recommendations. Yes, laundry in the sink is a bit of a drag, but we have a drying rack out in the garden, and it's not been too bad so far.

We have no idea why there are no laundromats here. I've got to get to the bottom of this.

mm said...

Hanging laundry on a drying rack in the garden sounds delightful although you should keep searching.

mar said...

I hope you find that falafel place! I saw Q. and D. twice this week. And I got to here Q. making some great music with his friends. It's so nice that they can play music all the time! If I had to do laundry by hand it just wouldn't get done!

KC said...

I love Falafel. I'm currently sitting about 200 feet from Falafel King, but I bet the falafels here are not as good as the falafels there.