Thursday, September 05, 2013

Shana Tova

Tr:  A good year.

Rosh Hashanah began last evening and stretches out til tomorrow evening.  It's a huge deal here.  People are with family.  They cook like maniacs.  There's a feeling of revelry.  We spent the evening with Koby and Judy and their kin.  We had an extremely fun night.  Today I'm kind of exhausted from the lateness, and the crazy eating.  Also, the dancing.
Today we found out that we can stay in this apartment for the rest of our year, except for a 2 week stint in late September.  So all is swell.
Our landlords just came by.  They're on their way to more fun new year stuff.  I told them about our night last night.  Landwoman said, "You didn't cook nothing?"  (She really doesn't know me that well yet.)
Before she left she said, "Have a good year.  A happy year.  That's the important thing."
I'm working on happiness, like it's my job.  I learned today from the internets that Rosh Hashanah begins the DAYS OF AWE that end with Yom Kippur.  I'm going to be living these days of awe as awesomely as awesome can be.   And that's going to be so, so awesome.


Anonymous said...

Yay! This is great news!!! You get to stay in one place...well mostly. I'm not doing well on the happiness project. I'm mostly irritated with people and the job. I think I'll start on Monday working on it. I know my limits.
love jw

Sarah Gardner said...

Days of Awe is a pretty impressive holiday title. Katie brought her dog to work today and he was a complete hit of course. She had a sling to carry him around and everything. Glad your apartment is working out!

Anonymous said...

Omg!!! Is that a Miro????

Have fun celebrating all of the holidays. It must be so fun to be in Israel during this time to see all of the people celebrating. I'll look forward to seeing pics and hearing more stories!


LH said...

We're well into the DAYS OF AWE. Today I'm going to be aware of how AWESOME it is to have this time to write.

JW, I'm liking this place. Take your time on getting into the happiness project. This isn't something we can just jump into. Take it slowly is my advice. And start small. A minute here or there.

SG, I wish I could see a picture of the dog in the sling. Please get on that next time.

MP, It's a Miro indeed. I think it's fab. I didn't get the title of it though. I am mad at myself because I left my camera at my friend's house, where we had dinner. So I need to rely on the old iPhone for awhile, since they're off on a fine holiday now. It's good to know that I'm still very forgetful, even though I'm not working. I can't blame my brain drain on the work environment. It's just me.

KC said...

Revelry sounds mighty fine. Mighty fine, indeed.

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