Monday, September 16, 2013

Shmi Lee

Tr:  My name is Lee.

Yesterday I drove in Israel for the first time. I've been kind of wimpy about a lot of things over here. Husbandman drives the car, he asks the questions, he gets the tough stuff done.  Instead of feeling badly about myself for being wimpy and weird, I instead focus on feeling lucky that I have Husbandman.

Today I'm working on a letter to an editor.  It's a difficult letter to write. Just pointing out that, come to find out, I have my own tough stuff to get done.  Sitting here in this Haifa garden with a cup of tea and a lovely cool breeze, I will struggle with the letter by hook or by crook.


mm said...

Driving in any unfamiliar city is challenging especially in a different country.

How is the letter writing?

Anonymous said...

There's no way I'd drive there! That's awesome.

LH said...

Jw, I only drive about 6 blocks, to the market. But still, it's a start.

MM, letter writing's not going well, ttytt. But I have taken a beautiful walk, had a cappuccino, and learned more about using SKITCH and listened to some Florence and the Machine. Some days are like that.

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