Saturday, September 14, 2013


Tr:  Bike

We've been watching a lot of Breaking Bad and we're almost done with Season 2. This show can bring you down what with the killing and the bad attitudes and that's why I rented the light and pleasant "All You Need Is Love" last night, starring PIERCE BROSNAN!  Husbandman was not thrilled with my choice, but when I pointed out that Breaking Bad was freaking me out too much, he understood.

Today is Yom Kippur.  I'm not fasting, but I'm also not driving. In other words, I'm not joining in, but I'm respecting the day and what it means to my wonderful host country.  It should also be noted that I did write in my notebook about some atoning I felt was in order.  Soon I'll take a walk around the neighborhood.  I've heard that many secular people like to ride bikes on the empty streets on this day, and that's something I'd like to see.


Anonymous said...

Ok. I need to look into Mobs. I have so many aches and pains of late and they're bringing me down.
I hope it cools down for you guys! Our weather here is phenom at the moment. The heat can be oppressive.
I hope to talk to you tomorrow!!!

LH said...

I'm having aches and pains too. Not sure if this MOBS thing has any credibility. Maybe I'll check with Jim. It's still hot as blazes here but we went on a little walk and did see many kids riding bikes. We saw a very few people driving their cars. Not okay, car drivers.

Yes. A tomorrow talk sounds so great.

dw said...

I like this picture a lot - what is it? KC and I used to have the same thing happen when we'd watch old shows a bunch of episodes at a time. We watched several years of Alias in just a few months and I'd have Alias-based dreams, which was weird.

LH said...

It's a picture of dried rosebuds. They were selling them at the market and i wondered what they were for. I liked the way they looked.

I actually had a Breaking Bad dream about some one I know smoking meth!

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