Sunday, September 01, 2013


Tr:  Water

We are moved into a new place, which is very nice.  It's in the bottom part of a home owned by Koby's friends.  It has several rooms and a lovely garden.  It even has a bomb shelter which the owner tells us they've never used.  He hopes we won't have to use it while we are here.  "We're optimistic," he told us.  At least we know it's there, if we should ever need it.

The weekend was low key.  V. pleasant.  Friday we ventured downtown to do some shopping.  In the evening we went to dinner with some MathMen.  The table was covered with small plates of food.  All delicious.  The Mathmen also ate a lamb's shoulder.

On Saturday we drove to Zichron Ya'akov.
The town has a historic center with cool shops, galleries and restaurants. It was founded in 1882 and became a place of wine making sponsored by Edmond James de Rothschild.  We walked about, but I wish we had visited the museum.  We will do that next time.  It was bloody hot.  After our historic walk, we drove back to the Aqueduct Beach in Caesarea, where we swam and reveled.  Later we headed out to a French movie called "What If We All Lived Together?"  Review to follow.  A friendly Mathman joined us and it was a cheery night.

Moving out of the Technion guest house was a little sad.  Yesterday was our 4 week anniversary here and I grew accustomed to living in one room. I knew where everything was.  Still our new place feels homey and comfortable.  We have some snags about living here all year that we have to work out.  If we have to move again, it won't be a big deal. We'll not only survive, we will thrive.


mm said...

Keep swimming and reveling!! Although I'm a bit comforted that you have a bomb shell, I'm nervous when I view the news.

KC said...

Every time you write about your adventures, I feel really proud of you. Is this a weird response? Maybe I haven't traveled enough. Actually, I know I haven't traveled enough.

Sarah Gardner said...

That Sternberg Residence sounds very interesting!

lee said...

MM, I have gotten over my fury at the sea over the glasses theft. We've made up and I intend to revel in that Sea as much as I can.

KC, not a weird response. I like it, Savvy! You've travelled a lot though.

SG, I was reading more about the town on wikiKnowItAllia. So interesting.

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